cairo trip hop underground

Raks Zahra CD

1) Najoum 5:40
2) Nour 6:14
3) Raks Zahra 6:36
4) el Marouge 6:32
5) Eshta 3:35
6) Hipnotik (drum solo) 2:45
7) Zahra's Blue Taksim 4:45
8) Scheherazade 7:34

Bonus Tracks
9) Baladi 3:59
10) el Marouge (enchanted garden mix) 4:32
11) Scheherazade (ambient mix) 5:26

Raks Zahra, a chillin' electronic journey by the Cairo Trip Hop Underground that throws traditional Arabic rhythms and forms into the mix with modern electronic beats

Ambient house pioneer and studio wizard Michael Cox, the mastermind behind the Cairo Trip Hop Underground, penned this eclectic, funky collection including music for raks sharki (belly dance) as well as other traditional Arabic forms and infused them with elements of house and trip hop. This full length CD also features a funky house remix of the Rimsky-Korsakov classic Scheherazade.


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